Official Proceedings of the One Thousand Four Hundred and Fourth Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Columbus, Ohio, June 4, 2004

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This item is the meeting minutes of the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University held on June 4, 2004 at the Ohio State University Longaberger Alumni House, Columbus, Ohio. Ms. Longaberger started the meeting with Introduction of New Trustees. President Karen A. Holbrook gave the President's Report and Provost Barbara R. Snyder presented the Distinguished University Professor Awards. The committee reports were then discussed. The consent agenda included the following resolutions: Amendments to the University Hospitals Board Bylaws, Amendments to the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff of The Ohio State University Hospitals, Appointment to the Self Insurance Board, Regional Campus Boards Appointments/Reappointments, Continuation of COTA Student Pass Program, Amendments to the Rules of the University Faculty and Bylaws of the University Senate, Honorary Degrees, Degrees and Certificates - Spring Quarter Commencement, Personnel Actions, Resolutions in Memoriam, Report of Research Contracts and Grants, Report of University Development, Easement (for Columbus Southern Power Company, Electric Service Relocation, 1275 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio), Road Access Easement (for Festival Partners II, LLC), Storm Sewer Easement (for Festival Partners II, LLC), Paid Parental Leave, Interim Budget for FY 2004-2005, FY 2004-2005 Columbus Campus Undergraduate Tuition, FY 2004-2005 ATI and Regional Campus Tuition, Appointment and Reappointment of Investment Mangers, and Easement (for Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.). The appendices included processes, budgets, building plans, and maps that were not already present in the minutes.