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This program was a 6 week long study abroad program in Rome, Italy. This program was directed towards Architecture/ Landscaping students to help develope their hand drawing abilities. We would have classes Monday through Thursday and then had the weekend to travel as we pleased. We would spend many hours a day just walking around the city of Rome. We had Roman professors show us around the city, and point out things most people wouldn’t pay any attention to. Rome has amazing archietcture and so much history, you need way more than a month to soak it all up, but this course did a great job of covering all the amazing parts of the city. We also did some traveling to other Italian cities as a class as well. Like Orvietto, Almal , Florence and Bolognia.My motovation to go on this project was mostly for the architecture. As an architecture major, this program was perfect for me since it was architecture based, and was in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are so many buildings that i had learned so much about right in Rome, it was amazing to actually get to see and understand their grandeur. I also liked this program because I got to really soak up one culture for an entire month. And i also got small tastes of other cities in Italy as well!I gained so many valuable things on this study abroad trip. One was better drawing skills. That was what the whole trip was about. We did multiple drawing exercises, and got valuable experience drawing by hand. I also got great exposure to amazing architecture. You cant fully comprehend a piece of art until you see it in person, so seeing these famous buildings gave me a new respect for my major. I also gained great world experience. I got to better understand a new culture and try many new things.


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