Cancer Trials 2006 - 2012: From Research to Publication at The Ohio State University

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Clinical research is important to facilitate more accurate diagnoses, discover cures for diseases and provide novel treatments to help patients recover and/or prolong life. After the results from the research have been concluded, the next step should be to share and publish the information. Sharing those results enables physicians and other health care providers to disperse knowledge, efficiently and effectively diagnose diseases and treat patients with the latest drugs, devices and interventions. Studies have shown that it can take from 3-5 years for research results to be published. This study is a case report of cancer clinical trials conducted at the Ohio State University (OSU). The OSU Clinical Scientific Review Committee reviews proposed cancer protocols for scientific validity. Once the proposals are approved, they are submitted to the OSU Cancer Institutional Review Board. We sought to determine how many of these approved proposals resulted in clinical trials that were completed and subsequently published. Methods Data for this research was collected from the ClinicalTrials.Gov registry, the National Library of Medicine's PubMed database, and an internally maintained database of published articles of the members of the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center. Time from trial completion to publication was tracked and a statistical analysis was done to determine the length of time. 775 proposed trials were examined for the years 2006 – 2012. The analysis was done to determine if there was a noticeable change in publication time for these trials. Results Among the total number of trials (775) opened at OSU between 2006 to 2012, 42% had published results. The time analyzed occurs from the opening date of the trial until the completion (status determined by the Ohio State University Clinical Trials Office) ranged from 8-132 months. The average time the from trial opening to publication is 55 months. Conclusion Published research should include both negative and positive results, to prevent bias towards the research. Funding agencies are requiring that results be published within a certain period of time, and this may accelerate the dissemination of the trial results. Publishing results from trials expeditiously can also prevent duplication of research efforts. It would allow future researchers to learn from, expand, examine, and delve further into research based on results from prior trials.



Cancer Trial Publications, Publication Time