Infant Mortality Among the Afro Latinx Community in Columbus, OH and How the Social Construction of Race Contributes to the Lack of Data on Afro Latinx Health

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Infant mortality is an important public health issue that is measured by race and ethnicity, and many other factors, all over the world. In the United States, there is a limited amount of published research papers that look at the relationship between racial identification and the lack of statistical data on minority groups, within the Latinx population, on infant mortality data. This research paper aims to bring awareness to the issue of the lack of representation of the Afro Latinx population in data due to the fact that there are no appropriate race-related selections for individuals to choose resulting in individuals having to select ‘Other’ or declining to answer. The failure to respond to a question pertaining to race, not ethnicity, limits researchers the opportunity to measure infant mortality rates in the Latinx population by race.



Afro Latinx, Infant Mortality, Health Disparities, Moms2B, Celebrate One, Columbus, OH