Toy Adaptation Program: Connecting for Expansion

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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The mission of the Toy Adaptation Program (TAP) is to provide hands-on educational opportunities to students, while making a positive societal impact through the modification of electronic toys. Engineering students apply problem-solving and technical skills to adapt toys for children with special needs. The toys are donated to toy lending libraries or directly to families. By developing a connection between academia and the community, TAP strives to address social issues through experiential learning.


IMPACT. 1: Conduct annual labs for 600+ first-year engineering Honors and Scholars students that includes an annual donation event for select students to give adapted toys directly to families. -- 2. Host monthly workshops with partner institutions and the community for families of children with special needs, alumni, industry partners, etc. -- 3. Consider the potential for commercialization of the program so that it can reach beyond OSU and Columbus.
OSU PARTNERS: College of Engineering/Department of Engineering Education; College of Engineering/Green Engineering Scholars; Nisonger Center/Toy and Technology Library; College of Engineering/Assistive Technology of Ohio; College of Medicine/School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; College of Engineering/Department of Biomedical Engineering
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Nationwide Children's Hospital; Katelyn's Krusade; RePlay for Kids; May We Help; Mississippi State University
PRIMARY CONTACT: Rachel Kajfez (



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