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The Education Curriculum Center (ECC) at OSU-Newark is a specialized library for education majors that includes books and services normally found in children’s libraries, but also kits, manipulatives, and pedagogy books. It faces difficulties that many others do not because of the separation from the main library, making it hard to know about the collection because of the lack of advertising through social media pages and the separate catalog. The purpose of this study is to research current trends in other ECCs and to tailor those findings to fit this ECC’s needs by creating a website to make finding materials quicker, easier, and ultimately more student-led. To gather this data, I travelled to two ECCs in Ohio—University of Dayton and Wright State—emailed three others, searched databases for lib guides and libraries on Pinterest, and interviewed Desiree Fuerst, the ECC’s Coordinator. Through this research, I found that thousands of libraries across the world are active on Pinterest, with boards on diversity, award winners, comics, and new books. Pinterest proved to be the best resource of all social media not only because event photos can be shared, but because it also has the ability to visually group materials in a board, link to outside sources such as catalogs, and inspire community participation. I applied this to the ECC at Newark and created a website—including pages on audiobooks, banned books, big books, pedagogy, seasons, and skills—that will best serve this center’s needs. The website makes it simple to advertise the collection and for students and community members to discover like materials which was not available through the catalog alone. In the future, the website can be expanded once data is analyzed about its effectiveness and new trends in ECCs.


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finding aid, Education Curriculum Centers, website