Interview of Rodica Botoman by Judy Fountain

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Ohio State University Archives

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Rodica Botoman describes her career as an Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Literature. She was hired in 1975 as the Coordinator and Director of Ohio State’s Romanian Program, a position that she held until 2002, when she retired. Botoman describes her decision to move from Romania to the United States with her husband and 14-year-old son in 1969. A teacher in Romania, Botoman received some financial aid as a work-study student at Ohio State, where she earned a Master’s degree and Ph.D. In 1975, Botoman was offered the chance to teach Romanian Language and Culture courses at Ohio State. She created the curriculum and syllabi for these courses from scratch, as there were few Romanian Language and Culture teaching materials available at the time. The courses that she created eventually became a permanent part of the curriculum in 1980. She discusses the process of getting tenure, and a substantial grant she received from the U.S. Department of Education to write a textbook for Romanian Language and Culture courses.


Interview conducted at The Ohio State University Archives, Columbus, Ohio.
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