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Kids' Tech University is a semester-long educational research program developed to create the future workforce in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by sparking kids' interest in these fields. KTU students attend 4 day-long learning sessions during the semester – one session per month. Sessions are held in college campus lecture halls and led by college professors & college volunteers. Each KTU session addresses a uniquely interesting "why" question relating to the STEM disciplines. Sessions begin with a discussion period followed by engaging active research activities allowing the students to further explore the day's topic.


IMPACT. 1: KTU accepts 100 children into the program representing Licking and Knox counties. The cost of the program is $100 per child, however, 48 scholarships were given this year to those that qualify. Scholarship families pay $25 per child. -- 2. While children attend lecture and lab, parents attend Explore College, a series of workshops geared towards helping families begin the process of making college an option for their children. Explore College also covers college related local resources available for families in Licking and Knox counties. -- 3. Data shows that children's interest in STEM topics increased over the course of the program, specifically in females. Parents level of confidence in preparing their child for education after high school increased from a 2 pre-program to an 8.5 post-program.
OSU PARTNERS: Ohio State Newark Admissions; Ohio State Newark/COTC; Financial Aid
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Denison University; The Works; Virginia Tech University



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