Past, Present, Future: Developing Kinesthetic Teaching Methodology & Choreographing Experience

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The Ohio State University

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A dancer's body is the instrument through which a dance is created. It is widely understood in the field of dance that the stronger and more flexible a dancer's body is, the more capable it is of a wide range of movement. I am researching the process of developing a teaching methodology centered around finding the necessary physical skills needed to successfully embody the core aesthetic qualities found in my choreographic work—specifically fluidity and the integration of a multi-unit torso by examining the use of pelvis and scapula; pursuing specificity in spinal articulation through the usage of isolated shoulder and pelvic movements. I am working to cultivate a specific teaching methodology intended to enhance my choreographic aesthetic, resulting in a choreographic work presented in Spring 2018.


1st Place Undergraduate 3-Minute Thesis Competition


Dance, Pedagogy, Spine, Gaga, Improvisation, Choreography