Angulated Studies of the Iso-Kinetic Device for use in the Measurement of Solids Circulation Rate

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Iron oxide-based chemical looping provides a beneficial process for coal conversion to address recent concerns for the environment. The process utilizes a cyclic system composed of two counter-current moving bed reactors and a fluidized bed reactor to achieve continuous operation and take advantage of the recyclable nature of the solid iron oxide particles present. To achieve proper design goals and full efficiency, it is important to be able to measure the solids circulation rate in the system. However, because of the harsh conditions present within the reactor system, traditional flow measurements are not feasible. The iso-kinetic device is a solids circulation measuring apparatus which avoids this issue. A separate column with solids flowing into the reactor can operate room temperature. This column’s flow can be measured by traditional equipment to correlate to the solids circulation rate in system. Since the iso-kinetic device can operate at room temperature, the equipment does not need to come into contact with the harsh environment inside the reactors. Experiments were carried out on the iso-kinetic device to determine the effect angle of entry into the reacting vessel has on the effectiveness of the device. It was found that all angles test showed direct proportionality between the velocity in the iso-kinetic device and that in the reactor column. Further, correlating constants were calculated which can be used to approximate a solids circulation rate in the reactor from a flow in the iso-kinetic device.



iron oxide-based chemical looping, iso-kinetic, solids circulation rate measurement, circulating fluidized beds