Energy and Momentum Deposited into a QCD Medium by a Jet Shower

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For a hard parton moving through a dense QCD medium, we compute self-consistently the energy loss and the fraction deposited into the medium due to showering and rescattering of the shower, assuming weak coupling between probe and medium. The same transport coefficients thus determine both the energy loss and its deposition into the medium. This allows a parameter free calculation of the latter once the former are computed or measured. We compute them for a weakly interacting medium. Assuming a short thermalization time for the deposited energy, we determine the medium’s hydrodynamical response and obtain a conical pattern that is strongly enhanced by showering.




G.-Y. Qin et al, "Energy and Momentum Deposited into a QCD Medium by a Jet Shower," Physical Review Letters 103, no. 15 (2009), doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.152303