Determination of Trace Metal Pollutants in Water Resources and Stream Sediments

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Ohio State University. Water Resources Center

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The present two reports covering the period July 1, 1970 to June 30, 1972 involve the examination and determination of a number of the characteristics of the technique of X-ray fluorescence. This study is part of an overall program in our laboratory to address the general problem of the determination of trace metals in environmental samples


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This report contains two sections. These two sections represent the final report for work done between July 1, 1970 and June 30, 1972. The first section describes work done in the first year (July 1, 1970 to June 30, 1971) and the second section covers work done in the second year (July 1, 1971 to June 30, 1972). The tables of contents for each section can be found at the beginning of the corresponding section


trace metal pollutants, x-ray fluorescence, stream sediments