Industry Immersion: Italy May 2018

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My STEP funds were used to travel to Italy in May 2018 for a global edge program called the Industry Immersion Program. This Program took me across Northern Italy visiting cities and companies that are known around the world. We experienced must-see sites and gained behind-the-scenes access to companies across the Italian industry. This is a cross-functional program in Italy, which is home to fashion retail giants, leaders of automotive design and construction, dozens of household brands, and an exceptional middle market. We traveled to Venice, Padua, Verona, Turin, and Milan. We toured the University of Padua, which was built in 1222 and is the patronage of Galileo. We also toured the companies Safilo, Pettenon, and Rossimoda in Padua. In Verona, we toured the company Pasqua, which is a winery and we had the chance to make our own wine. In Turin, we visited a car museum and the company Fiat and finally, we visited the company YNAP in Milan.


STEP Category: Education Abroad


Education Abroad, Business, Company visits, Industry Immersion