Pensamiento Gerencial Y Opciones Estrategicas Para Las Organizaciones Privadas De Desarrollo

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Ohio State University. Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

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This paper deals with strategic planning issues for private voluntary organizations (PVOs) in Costa Rica. A key issue is the view of a microenterprise adopted: is it a tool to create employment or a tool to promote incipient entrepreneurs? Is the PVO a welfare or a promotion agency? The author claims that the purpose should be to create value and this requires a client orientation. Several dimensions of the Costa Rican environment that constrain creativity are discussed. The role of computers is also assessed. A reduction of public-sector employment opportunities has created a new clientele for PVOs. Would-be bureaucrats could then be transformed into entrepreneurs. The mission of PVOs should be to promote entrepreneurship. A sensible program should include the sharing of experiences, the promotion of creativity, the sharing of risks, client-oriented technical assistance, firmspecific training, and sensitivity training. Determinants of success are low transaction costs, risk management, data management, loan collection, graduation. The paper ends with an exploration of dilemmas in PVO design.