Perception of AI in Healthcare: 5000 Baby Project

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new technology, one whose term originates from 1956- less than 70 years ago.2 Originally being used for things like the automotive industry, as well as computers. But now, the interest turns to healthcare. The market for AI in healthcare has been projected to be $187 billion in 2030.6 But how do the public and hospital staff view AI in healthcare? A recent study in 2021 noted some concerns, such as insurance coverage, the cost of it, as well as technological failures, and the possibility of hacking.10 While there are plenty of articles regarding AI, there are less about public opinion. Seeking to gather data about public opinion, a survey was sent out to Nationwide Children’s staff and interns asking 5 different statements. Each respondent gave a numerical value in regards to the statements and these results were graphed. These results indicated that while AI is accepted by some, it still isn’t as widely accepted as some other technological healthcare advances such as computed tomography (CT) scan and X-rays. More research, with a larger population of subjects, on public opinion regarding AI will need to be done.



Pediatric, Undergraduate Research, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Healthcare