Interview of Sidney Chafetz by Adrienne Bosworth

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Sidney Chavetz was hired by Ohio State University, to teach water color, but over time excelled in print making. He also taught engraving and relief. During 1950 and 1951 Chavetz studied in Paris with the world famous engravers, Stanley Hayter and Juan Miro. When he returned to Ohio State he was promoted to Assistant Professor, granted tenure, the first non-OSU graduate to be granted tenure in the Art Department. By 1954 he was teaching new courses in engraving. Chafetz achieved fame over time for his work in academic satire. He found himself amused, at times offended, by political infighting within the university, including his own department


Manuel Barkan: Professor of Education (p. 5) -- Howard Bevis: President of OSU: (pp. 11-12, 23) -- Adrienne Bosworth: interviewer, wife of Sidney Chafetz (p. 1) -- Carolyn Bradley: Professor of Home Economics, costume design (p. 6) -- Andrew Broekema: Dean, College of the Arts (p. 20) -- Donald Cottrell: Dean, College of Education (p. 7) -- Chuck Csuri: OSU Professor of Art (pp. 3, 13) -- Harold Enarson: President of OSU (p. 23) -- Novice Fawcett: President of OSU (pp. 11, 21, 23) -- Irwin Frey: OSU Professor of Fine Arts: (p. 2) -- Bob Gatrell: Professor of Art (pp. 7-8) -- E. Gordon Gee: President of OSU (p. 28) -- Jerome Hausman: Director of School of Fine and Applied Arts (pp. 16, 18-20) -- Stanley Hayter: world-famous engraver, based in Paris (pp. 9, 29) -- James Hopkins: Director of School of Fine and Applied Arts (pp. 2-3) -- Edward Jennings: President of OSU (p. 23) -- Kenny Krouse: Assistant to President Novice Fawcett (pp. 11-12) -- Fernand Leger: noted artist and teacher (pp. 1-2) -- Roy Lichtenstein: OSU Instructor in Art (pp. 3, 5, 13-14, 29) -- Frank Ludden: (pp. 18, 21) -- James Rhodes: Governor of Ohio (p. 22) -- Frank Ruzicka: (pp. 20, 22) -- Frank Seiberling: Director of School of Fine and Applied Arts (pp. 2-4, 7-8) -- D. Alexander Severino: Director of the School of Fine and Applied Arts (p. 7) -- Bob Shay: (pp. 20, 22, 25) -- Hoyt Sherman: OSU Prof. of Fine Arts (pp. 2, 13-15, 18) -- David Smith: sculptor (p. 29) -- Bob Stull: Chairman and Dean (pp. 21-22) -- Stanley Twardowicz: painter (p. 14)