Problem-solving Research for Management: A Perspective

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We convened a symposium titled "Problem-solving Research for Management: Shared Responsibilities" at the 123rd annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society in Portland, Oregon. Our symposium sought to encourage researchers and managers to work together more effectively by reviewing successful research projects that have incorporated problemsolving approaches. In this first paper, we carefully define and distinguish between management and research by exploring the goals and tools of each discipline. In our view, problemsolving for management, as an iterative approach of which research is a major component, serves as a template for improving the relationship between managers and researchers as well as contributing to the solution of management problems. To improve the less-than-stellar record of interaction between these two groups, not only must problem-solving approaches be incorporated into the effort, but managers and researchers also must come to recognize, appreciate, and understand the differences in tools and goals of their respective trades. Unfortunately, we think neither group appreciates that successful management relies on rigorous, quantitative research that must be held accountable for providing management solutions. Managers and researchers clearly share the burden for the current state of fisheries science.



problem-solving approaches, management problems


Parrish, Donna L.; Mather, Martha E.; Stein, Roy A. "Problem-solving Research for Management: A Perspective," Fisheries, v. 20, no. 10, October, 1995, pp. 6-12.