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The Learning Group worked to develop a strongly and pervasively learner-centered view of the Ohio State University Libraries. It examined trends in teaching and learning at Ohio State University by interviewing campus administrators, faculty, and staff closely involved with academic programs and student life; surveyed recent higher education and library publications concerned with teaching and learning; and learned from the example of other academic libraries. This bibliography partially addresses the second and third activity. The group surveyed current literature on the learning commons/information commons concept that appeared, in their judgement, applicable to the Thompson Library renovation project. The Learning Group members were: Miriam Conteh-Morgan, Karen Diaz, Anne Fields, Marty Jamison, Fred Roecker, Rocki Strader,Tom Cetwinski, Linda Gonzalez and Scott Bennett (Consultant)


The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.


information commons, computer literacy, library information desks, information literacy, learning, higher education, Information commons -- Bibliograohy