Tone Sandhi in Mono/Polysyllabic Single Words in Shanghai Chinese

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This study examines tone sandhi in mono/polysyllabic words in Shanghai Chinese, with a specific focus on tonal redistribution domains. The goal of this study is to examine the tonal redistribution patterns in quadrisyllabic and quintesyllabic words, the results of which will bear on the metrical structure analysis for this language. There are three major findings from this study based on the analysis of tonal contours from one native speaker. First, T4 is a H level tone in monosyllabic words but surfaces as a LH contour tone in polysyllabic words. Second, only one redistribution domain has been identified for quadrisyllabic words. Third, quintesyllabic words are most reliably characterized by two tonal redistribution domains, although the mono-domain pattern has also been attested. The results of this study are discussed under the Optimality Theory framework.



Shanghai Chinese, Tone sandhi, Tonal redistribution, Stress, Foot


Lyu, Jun. "Tone Sandhi in Mono/Polysyllabic Single Words in Shanghai Chinese." Buckeye East Asian Linguistics, vol. 5 (September 2021), p. 71-82.