Authenticity and Audit Trails

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Maintaining an audit trail—the chronological record of activities that is sufficient to enable the reconstruction, review, and examination of the sequence of environments and activities—is inextricably linked to the provenance of a record, not just at the point of appraisal and accessioning, but from the record’s point of creation, through its primary and active use by an individual or within an organization, and throughout its archival life. There is the need to authenticate the provenance—information regarding the origins, custody, and ownership of an item or collection—of the all items that are accessioned, regardless of format, albeit a more complex undertaking for electronic records.



Electronic Records, Digital Records, Digital Preservation, Audit, Authenticity


Daniel W. Noonan, "Capturing Audit Trail Data THEORY: Authenticity and Audit Trails." in Building Trustworthy Digital Repositories: Theory and Implementation, edited by Philip C. Bantin, Rowman and Littlefield, July 2016: 169-174