Identifying Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Characteristics and Incentives for EV Adoption by Yellow Cab Columbus

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This report seeks to assist SMART Columbus with its goal of increasing the use of electric vehicles (EV) among transportation service providers in Columbus by survey of Yellow Cab Columbus taxi drivers. This report suggests Yellow Cab move forward with their plans to integrate EVs into their fleet. It also suggests possible locations for EV chargers based off of opinions from drivers and analysis of trip destination frequency from a heat map provided by NREL. A cost-benefit analysis for a current, petroleum vehicle used by Yellow Cab and an EV was performed, and the cost benefits of the latter prove to be greater after three years. Overall, this report provides SMART Columbus and Yellow Cab Columbus with both recommendations for charging infrastructure and a general idea of barriers to EV adoption identified by Yellow Cab drivers.


Course Code: ENR/AEDECON 4567


Electric Vehicles, EV, Electric Vehicle Charging, Taxi, Benefits of EVs