Reparations for Slavery in the United States of America: A Bibliography of Resources, 26 October 2004

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The truth is that we in the United States have an issue to face: Do we address historical errors that have arisen out of our nation’s past, and if choosing to do so, how do we address those errors? The primary focus of this article is confined to the issue of reparations for slavery within the borders of the United States, and it’s relevance to the citizens of the United States. By limiting the focus of this article to slavery reparations in the U.S., clear foundations can be developed for rational debate, and to work toward a resolution that may serve as a model for other reparations cases. This bibliography is thus presented to enrich the debate and to enlighten the interested in the varied, oft unconsidered, complexities of the issue of reparations.



Reparations, Slavery, Affirmative Action, Racism, United States History, African Americans, Black Americans, Minorities