The Nonprofit Sector in the Franklin County

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John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy and School of Public Policy and Management. The Ohio State University

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•Nonprofits in Franklin County, Ohio, represent a major sector of the county’s economy. •The 1,514 charitable nonprofits filing tax returns as nonprofit entities in 2003 (those with more than $25,000 in annual receipts) comprise one of the largest groups of employers in Franklin County. Their employment in 2003 totaled 60,390, barely less than the 60,499 employed in leisure and hospitality establishments, the third-largest employer in the county. •Nonprofits in Franklin County rank sixth as a source of income, despite being the fourth-ranked sector in employment. Nonprofits rank between Public Administration and Health Care & Social Assistance. •Nonprofit organizations employ thousands of people; thousands more volunteer. •Nonprofits stand parallel with the private and public sectors as a third major pillar in the local economy in Franklin County.



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