Implementation of an Evidence-Based New Nurse Manager Mentoring Program to Enhance Nurse Manager's Competencies

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BACKGROUND: Registered nurses often assume a nurse manager role with little to no leadership knowledge, training, or education. Evidence suggests that a structured, evidence-based mentorship program supports a successful transition to the leadership role. The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project was to enhance new nurse manager leadership competencies to create a safe and healthy work environment. METHODS: Based on the evidence from the literature, we adapted and developed a six-week evidence-based novice nurse manager mentorship program. A pre-post survey was utilized to evaluate nurse managers' perceptions of their leadership competencies (managing the business [The Science], leading the people [The Art], and creating the leader in yourself [The Leader Within]). Participants included nurse managers with less than three years of experience in a manager role in the participating organization and supervise bedside staff nurses. Each nurse manager completed an electronic survey called, AONL Nurse Manager Inventory Tool. RESULTS: Eight nurse managers completed the program. Survey responses revealed the nurse managers' perceived competence was enhanced (Pre-Mdn 2.85 Art, 2.7 Science, 2.95 Leader Within, Post-Mdn 4 Art, 3.85 Science, 4.3 Leader Within, p = <.01 Art, p = <.01 Science, p = 0.02) after the six-week evidence-based new manager mentorship program was completed. CONCLUSION: Findings from this project suggest the evidence-based, new nurse manager mentoring program enhanced new nurse managers' perceived ability in creating a safe, healthy environment that supports the work of the health care team and patient outcomes.



nurse manager, competency, competencies, mentorship