Gene Linkages in Phage Group 3 Staphylococcus Aureus Determined by DNA-Mediated Transformation

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A large pool of antibiotic resistant and auxotrophie mutants was isolated from the phage group 2 strains UT0002-19 and UT0017 of Staphylococcus aureus. Strain UT0002-19 has a chromosomal determinant for exfoliative toxin (ET), which causes scalded skin syndrome in man. Strain UT0017 is ET-negative. DNAmediated transformation, which employed phage 80a to induce competence, was utilized to detect gene linkages in the two strains. Three linkage groups were identified on the strain UT0017 chromosome. The first linkage group was thy-4—lys-5—trp-21— thr-4, the second was pyr-26—nov 9—his-'S, and the third consisted of ilv-9 and pen-1. Two linkage groups were detected on the strain UT0002-19 chromosome. The first was thy-1—lys-5—trp-3—thr-4:—ala-8, while the second consisted of nov-9 and his-'S. A locus for ET synthesis could not be mapped.


Author Institution: Department of Biology and School of Medicine, University of Missouri at Kansas City



The Ohio Journal of Science. v80, n4 (July, 1980), 175-183