Environmental Technology Transfer to Rural China

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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Dr. Mancl's work with China is comprehensive and reflects her faculty position at OSU to include teaching, outreach, research and service. In her work she continues to successfully improve the environment of both rural China and the US through the exchange of environmental technology. To facilitate her efforts she learned Chinese and obtained an MA in East Asian Studies. Now, through her work and advanced study she promotes Chinese language and culture at OSU and beyond.


IMPACT. 1: Outreach: In China: Lectures and writes in Chinese about wastewater treatment. In Ohio: Teaches agricultural & business professionals how to work in rural China. -- 2. Research: Develops new, low-cost wastewater treatment technology. Builds demonstration systems in rural China and Ohio. -- 3. Service: Faculty advisor to the Chinese Culture Connection at OSU. First STEM faculty member in East Asian Studies grad program.
OSU PARTNERS: Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering; East Asian Languages and Literatures; East Asian Studies
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Nationwide Insurance; Shandong Academy Of Agricultural Sciences; Biohaven Environmental Technologies; Whitewater Processing
PRIMARY CONTACT: Karen Mancl (mancl.1@osu.edu)



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