The Protopaterikon Scaligeri: Text in Transcription

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William R. Veder, Vakgroep Slavistiek, Katholieke Universiteit, Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen (Holland)

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This edition of the "Protopaterikon Scaligeri" is not homogeneous. 60% of its text (units 1-2 and 212-480) are attested in the sole Cod. Leiden, UB, Scal. 74 (13th century); they are presented here from Volume 2 of the microfiche edition, with resolved abbreviations, emendation of presumed mechanical corruptions and modern interpunction. The remaining 40% of the text (title and units 3-211) are paralleled in Cod. Moskva, CGADA, MGAMID 603/II (15th/16th century); they are presented here from Volume 4 of the microfiche edition, in an attempted reconstruction of the hyparchetypal text. The division into lines in the latter part corresponds to that of the second manuscript, in the former to that of the first manuscript (Polata 12:2).


This publication is complementary to the full publication of the manuscript in the series "Early Slavic Texts on Microfiche," Volume I: The Scaliger Paterikon, Volume 1: Paleographic, Linguistic and Structural Description; Volume 2: Text in Facsimile, Transcription and Translation; Volume 3: Indices; Volume 4: Facsimile of Cod. Moskva, CGADA, MGAMID 603/II and Reconstruction of the Hyparchtype, published in 1976-1985 by Inter Documentation Company, Poststrasse 14, 6300 ZUG/Switzerland.
Editors of this issue of Polata Knigopisnaia are Mario Capaldo, Via Malpighi 12A, Roma, Italy, and William R. Veder, Katholieke Universiteit, Nijmegen, Holland.


Paterik Scaligeri, Protopaterikon Scaligeri


Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v12 (February 1985), 1-77