Rotational Coherence Spectroscopy Applied to the Structural Analysis of Jet-Cooled Tryptophan Analogs and their Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes with Polar Solvents

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Rotational Coherence $Spectroscopy^{1}$, a time-resolved high resolution rotational spectroscopy, is performed to determine the structures of various jet-cooled tryptophan analogs and their hydrogen-bonded complexes with methanol and water. The time-resolved fluorescence depletion technique of J. D. $McDonald^{2}$ is used to do Rotational Coherence Spectroscopy(TRFD-RCS). Results from TRFD-RCS yield excited stated rotational constants of these large jet-cooled speicies. Once accurate excited state rotational constants have been obtained and results from molecular mechanics calculations evaluated, the structure of the tryptophan analogs and their complexes can be determined.


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Author Institution: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California