Further Explorations into Ohio's Fractured Environment: Introduction to The Ohio Journal of Science's Second Special Issue on Fractures in Ohio's Glacial Tills

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This paper summarizes the history of the Ohio Fracture Flow Working Group (OFFWG), describes their activities since the publication of the first special issue of The Ohio Journal of Science in 2000, and references selected recent publications by Ohio researchers, other researchers in the United States, and research efforts internationally. It also serves as an introduction to and overview of this second special issue of The Ohio Journal of Science. DEDICATION. This special issue is dedicated to Jane L. Forsyth and Truman W. Bennett for their foundational contributions to glacial geology and hydrogeology, respectively, and their roles in understanding fractures in unconsolidated (glacial) materials.


Author Institution: Bennett and Williams Environmental Consultants Inc., Columbus, OH
Author Institution: Dept of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Author Institution: Ohio Dept of Natural Resources, Division of Water, Columbus, OH



The Ohio Journal of Science, v106, n2 (April, 2006), 4-8.