Mediated searching on end-user systems: an inexpensive online resource

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While BRS/After Dark and Dialog's Knowledge Index were developed for the end-user market, their attractive pricing structures, system refinements, and increasing selection of databases make them possible considerations as initial or adjunct systems for mediated search programs. Although it is assumed that mediated searching of these systems on a ready-reference basis is being done in libraries utilizing them as end-user services, there is rare mention in the literature of their employment as major components of standard mediated search services. This article details the 3.5 years' experience using BRS/After Dark and Knowledge Index as the main systems of choice in a mediated search service of a department library on a large academic campus. It also considers the after-hours services from the intermediary's point of view, noting the major trade-offs made in choosing to search them in lieu of their parent (BRS and Dialog) services.



mediated search programs, BRS/After Dark (BRS/AD), Knowledge Index, online search services


Melvon L. Ankeny, "Mediated searching on end-user systems: an inexpensive online resource," RQ 28, issue 4 (1989): 506-516.