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The Bilingual Storybook Project is a literacy partnership between Ohio State's Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese and Columbus City Schools. Salem Elementary School's youngest English as a Second Language students who speak Spanish at home provide artwork and short bios to our Honors composition students, who in turn write original stories in English and in Spanish, featuring the children and their artwork in the stories. Each Salem Elementary child receives a storybook containing the stories and artwork at a celebration of reading and writing attended by the participants.


IMPACT. 1: Impact for Salem Elementary students: The storybook provides stories the children helped create, and also reading opportunities in their two languages. The project also connects them one-on-one with college students who talk to them about the importance of reading and writing. -- 2. Impact for Ohio State students: The Bilingual Storybook Project connects the classroom to the community, providing undergraduate students with real-world knowledge of local Spanish-speaking residents and the literacy needs of children in Columbus City Schools. The project also provides a known readership, which gives our students enhanced self-awareness as writers. -- 3. Impact for families of Salem students: A central goal of the Bilingual Storybook Project is to provide interesting, accessible, personalized reading materials to families where English is not spoken in the home, enabling those families to participate to a greater extent in their children's educational experiences.
OSU PARTNERS: Department of Spanish and Portuguese; College of Arts and Sciences
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Columbus City Schools; Salem Elementary School Ms. Myers, Principal, Ms. Guglielmi, ESL teacher; Franklin Imaging, Emily Castle



Engaged Scholars, v. 5 (2017).