Interview of Harris-Clichy Peterson by Brian Shoemaker

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Adams, pilot, pp. 12, 42, 52 Butson, Dr., British Doctor, pp. 36-37 Darlington, Harry, Navy pilot, pp. 12, 42 Darlington, Jenny, wife of Harry, pp. 14, 51-52, 57-58 De Giorgio, Jorge Georges, Chilean scientist, pp. 18-19 Dodson, Robert, pp. 29-37, 59-60 Fiske, meteorologist, p. 49 Fujimora, Alberto, former President of Peru, pp. 68-69 Hassage, engineer in charge of diesel engines, p. 24 Hope, Bob, comedian, p. 51 Jones, J. Alton, chairman of CITCO oil company, p. 25 Kelsey, radioman, p. 50 Lassiter, pilot, pp. 12, 41, 52 LeMay, Curtis, Air Force General, p. 12 McLean, physician, pp. 36-37 Nichols, geologist from Tufts University, p. 27 Robertson, Jimmy, aircraft mechanic, p. 42 Ronne, Edith “Jackie,” wife of Finn, pp. 14, 50, 60 Ronne, Finn, Commander of the Expedition, mentioned throughout Schlossback, Ike, pp. 73-74 Stonehouse, Bernard, British meteorologist, pp. 22, 29
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