Experimental Design of a Shock Tube For the Time Response Study of Porous Pressure-Sensitive Paint

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This thesis summarizes the experimental design of a shock tube apparatus to study the time response of porous pressure sensitive paint (PSP). PSP is a relatively modern optical pressure measurement technique that is capable of providing nearly continuous surface pressure data. The recently developed porous PSP has exhibited very fast response times, on the order of microseconds, and is thus primed for application in unsteady flow studies. Much effort has been put into fully characterizing the dynamic response of porous PSP to most appropriately utilize it in future studies. This research was aimed to design and construct a shock tube for the purpose of later experimental evaluation of the time response of porous PSP and other PSP formulations. While the shock waves generated by shock tubes are commonly used to calibrate the response of fast instrumentation, this work looked to make use of the contact surface to study the PSP’s response to pressure increases and pressure decreases. While there were many challenges in the design process and still many to overcome, the overall design of the shock tube was successful. Through continued development the device will be a fully capable tool for the study of the time response of PSP.



pressure-sensitive paint, shock tube, time response, dynamic response