Some Chemical Reactions in Silica Gels II. Formation of Crystals of a Basic Mercuric Chloride, HgCl2-2HgO1

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This investigation was concerned with a study of some factors which control the formation of HgCU^HgO crystals in silica gels. It is possible to control the size, shape, color, rate of growth, and distribution of crystals of this basic salt by varying the initial alkalinity of the gel, the silica content of the gel or the rate of infusion of HgCl2 into the gel. The level in a gel at which HgCU^HgO crystal start to grow can be controlled readily by adding H+ to the HgCU used as external reactant. Evidence is presented to show that the basic salt is HgCl2-2Hg0 and not a more basic or a less basic mercuric chloride.


Author Institution: Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio 43201



The Ohio Journal of Science. v66 n3 (May, 1966), 284-311