Descriptive Mineralogy of Pugh Quarry, Northwestern Ohio: Calcite, Dolomite and Fluorite

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Calcite is by far the most abundant mineral in the Devonian rocks at Pugh Quarry. The large crystals, from 5 mm to 10-15 cm long, are predominantly brown with wide variations in hue and intensity. The small crystals, smaller than 5 mm, range from colorless to gray-yellow to pale yellow. Both large and small crystals consist almost entirely of scalenohedral forms (dog-tooth spar habit). The most common and most easily recognized type of twinning in the large crystals is on the (0001) plane. Both dolomite and fluorite are minor minerals at Pugh Quarry, although fiuorite is found in all parts of the Quarry. Dolomite crystals occur as secondary encrusting material and are most common in vugs.


Author Institution: Department of Geology, Miami University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v79, n1 (January, 1979), 24-31