Interview of Charlotte Remenyik by Raimund Goerler

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Ohio State University Archives

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Charlotte Remenyik describes her career at the University as the Varsity fencing coach. Remenyik grew up in Hungary and first learned to fence as a child, and she eventually became skilled enough to compete in junior world championship competitions. During the Hungarian uprising in 1956, Remenyik and family members were able to escape, and they settled in Chicago. Rememyik started coaching part-time at Northwestern University for the intramurals department and was so successful that Ohio State recruited her. She started at the University in 1978, coaching just the women. In 1980 the men's coach left Ohio State, so Remenyik began coaching both teams. She continued to coach in this role until she left Ohio State in 1999. Remenyik discusses, among other things, the effect of Title IX on support for Ohio State's women's athletics program, her then-novel recruiting efforts abroad, stand-out players, a race discrimination lawsuit involving the team, her involvement in the NCAA, and her style of coaching and how it changed over time.


Interview conducted at The Ohio State University Archives, Columbus, Ohio.