Developing FleetCalc to Reshape Our Nation's Vehicle Fleets

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Fleet owners now have a plethora of fuel options, vehicle types and technologies to choose from. There is a huge amount of information available on these options, some of which is contradictory, hard to compare, misleading or false. This same gauntlet is faced by policy makers who look to formulate strategies to accomplish a particular goal, or who wonder what the implications are of a particular program or initiative. Complex fleet calculators have been developed, giving fleet owners detailed information on the implications of a particular vehicle option. These fleet calculators require large amounts of data, and their results are complex and difficult to interpret.


IMPACT. 1: FleetCalc will be the first online tool to provide accurate information on alternatives for fleet vehicles based on real vehicle performance data and use patterns. Fleetcalc is a computer simulation that uses real vehicle data and sophisticated computer algorithms to provide fleet owners and policymakers with an ability to understand the impact of different technology options, fuel choices, driving styles, vehicle accessories and policy incentives on the cost and performance of various vehicles. Thus far, the team has: Completed comparison assessment of other fleet calculators. Evaluated vehicle technologies and options to determine technical inputs to program. Surveyed and interviewed various stakeholders for needs and wants for program. Determined input and output structures. Developed initial economic analysis. Completed discussion on user interface prototype. Built initial web-based interface prototypes. Completed initial fleet owner review. Developed preliminary framework for education.
OSU PARTNERS: College of Engineering; Center for Automotive Research; John Glenn School of Public Affairs
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Various vehicle fleet owners
PRIMARY CONTACT: Giorgio Rizzoni (; Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech (



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