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Brown Hall Annex was located at 1961 Bohannan Drive. The structure was not officially named by Board of Trustees action and was also known as "Rinso Hall", Power Plant, Power Plant No. 2, Old Power Plant, Garage - Laundry, Old Power House, and Power Station. The northern part of the structure was also known as Boiler House, Boiler House No. 2, Steam Plant, Power Plant, Power Plant No. 2, Power House, Garage, Bus Garage, and University Garage. The southern part of the structure was also known as Engine House, Engine and Generator House, Power House, Power House No. 2, Laundry, and Heating House.


Entry created by John H. Herrick April 6, 1972.
John H. Herrick Archives: Documenting Structures at The Ohio State University
The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.