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The OSU Sports Medicine Outreach Program brings sports medicine to the community. The outreach program is a multidisciplinary team of physicians, athletic trainers (ATs), physical therapists, sports psychologists, nutritionists, sports performance coaches, and other health professionals.


IMPACT. 1: A signature of the outreach program is services to Columbus City Schools (CCS). On-site medical care and student mentoring/teaching on the diagnosis and treatment of sport-related problems for CCS student-athletes is provided. -- 2. OSU resident physicians and sports med fellows are integrated into the CCS program to enrich their education and help fulfill our commitment of giving back to the Columbus community. -- 3. Beyond the CCS program, local outreach includes; Ballet Met through Performing Arts Medicine Program, Columbus State Community College, and Capital University.
OSU PARTNERS: OSU Sports Medicine; College of Medicine; Family Medicine; Orthopaedics; School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Columbus City Schools; Special Olympics; Columbus State Community College; Capital University; Ballet Met/OSU Dance; Ohio Premier Eagles Soccer; Community Education
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