Such Sensations/Solche Sensationen Food & Philosophical Reflections of Chef Huber Seifert

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Colophon: The idea for Solche Sensationen/Such Sensations originated with Robert Tauber in the spring of 1990 based on his familiarity with two other books: The Shepheardes Calendar by Edmund Spenser, first published in 1579, which depicts the whole of a man's life through the twelve months of a year, with a woodcut to illustrate each month; and Onze menus de Paul Gaugin by Robert Rey, first published in 1950, which reproduced the watercolor menus Gauguin painted for guests at a dinner party in his Tahitian home, three years before his death in 1903. After a casual dinner with Louisa Bertch Green at her home one evening, Mr. Tauber talked with her about creating such a book -- an artist's book -- featuring an accomplished chef working in central Ohio. She suggested Chef Hubert Seifert, who was first brought to Ohio and then to Columbus, in 1978, by the owner of a major league sports team. Just before coming to Ohio as an executive chef, with top security clearance and worldwide experience in embassies and corporate headquarters, Chef Hubert served as executive chef to King Juan Carlos of Spain at the royal residence on Mallorca for five years, before and after the King's accession to the throne in 1975. Each of the twelve menus in the book recreates a meal that marked a milestone or special occasion in Chef Hubert's life. The text by Ms. Green was transcribed and edited from forty hours of her recorded conversations with Chef Hubert about his early influences, training, experieinces, and philosophy. Each of the recipes was tested in the kitchen of Chef Hubert's restaurant Spagio by Ms. Green and the late Andrea Blum, with the assistance of Chef Brian Henshaw. Taste-testing was the pleaure of Chef Hubert and his wife, Helga; Louisa and Ron Green; and Andrea and Lee Weiss, who generously provided wines from their collection for each test meal. This book was designed by Robert Tauber and includes the stories of Chef Hubert's life, as well as a monotype menu and the recipes and presentation for each of the twelve meals. The twelve initial letters for each chapter were hand drawn by Ann Alaia Woods, who also designed and lettered the calligraphy for the book. Michael Greenler composed the LTC Garamont digitial types using Adobe InDesign. Tyson Sutherland processed the photopolymer plates and printed the text on Zerkall mouldmade paper using a Number 4 Vandercook letterpress. The twelve drypoint monoprint menus by Anthony H. Rice were printed from copper plates; the calligraphy was etched by Andy Barkus. Each plate was inked and wiped by hand, painted by the artist, and printed on an intaglio press on dampened Arches Wove mouldmade paper. Note: A monoprint is a hybrid medium, somewhere between painting and printmaking. It offers the freedom and spontaneity of direct drawing while producing the unique and subtle effect that can result only when ink is transferred directly from the surface of a printing plate to the surface of the paper. The print is made by first working ink directly into the etched and incised copper plate, then the artist paints directly on the surface of the plate and an impression is printed on the paper. All the steps of the process are repeated for each new impression. Harry Campbell provided invaluable guidance in designing the sewing structure and binding for this book. Craig Jensen and Gary McLerran at Book Lab II in San Marcos, Texas, sewed each copy onto vellum tapes and into the handmade, gelatin-sized CavePaper covers of black walnut-and indigo-stained raw flax. They housed each book in a drop-spine box covered in black Italian linen and inlaid with one of the original copper intaglio monoprint plates. Special thanks to Brenda Goodwin and Debra Jackson for inking and wiping plates, and helping to print the monoprint menus. Chef Hubert and the servers at Spagio; Nicole Seifert; and Lee Weis and Ron Green. Hubert and Louisa join Bob in extending their grateful acknowledgement to Amber Tauber for her advice and constant support for the Logan Elm Press. Solche Sensationen/Such Sensations is copyrighted 2010 by Logan Elm Press, Chef Hubert Seifert and Louisa Bertch Green. All rights are reserved. Of twenty-six signed and numbered copies, this is copy .


Print Edition: 26 copies.
Print Pages: 1 vol. (unpaged) issued in a clam-shell box with etched copper plate inlaid on front cover.
Print Illustrations: ill. (monoprint)
Printing: Letterpress
Binding: Non-adhesive link-stitch sewn on vellum supports, hinged into cover
Paper: Arches Wove; Zerkall; CavePaper cover paper (indigo and walnut shell dyed raw flax)
Typography: Digitally set LTC Garamont
Physical Dimensions: 41.7 x 28 x 4.8 cm
Print Original Price: 2,000 U.S. dollars