Glacial Geology of the Brady Glacier Region, Alaska

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Institute of Polar Studies, The Ohio State University.

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Brady Glacier lies in the western part of Glacier Bay National Monument in southeastern Alaska. This large valley glacier has experienced major changes in its size and extent in the distant and recent past which have greatly affected the morphology and ecology of this region. It was the purpose of this investigation to unravel the complex glacial history of the Brady Glacier, and to date, if possible, post-Wisconsin and older sea levels recorded by raised marine terraces and associated deposits along the coast from Icy Point to Dundas Bay. As the study progressed, it was augmented by a reconnaissance determination of the present Brady Glacier mass balance, by a description of the nature of modern and ancient glacial sediments found in the area, and by an examination of the orientation, relief, and vertical distribution of abandoned cirques formed in the moutainous terrain surrounding this glacier.



Brady Glacier, Alaska, Glacial geology


Derksen, Stephen J. 1976. Glacial Geology of the Brady Glacier Region, Alaska. Institute of Polar Studies, The Ohio State University, Columbus, 97 pages.