Growing RD Capacity: Training Research Administrators in Proposal Editing

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Ohio State University. Office of Research

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To help research administrators acquire basic editing skills, the Medical School Office of Research and Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research at the University of Michigan jointly piloted a training workshop, titled Beyond the Admin Shell: Proposal Editing 101. The training contents includes clarity, organization, conciseness, consistency, formatting, grammar, punctuation and spelling, followed by hands-on practice on an NIH Specific Aims page. Due to high demand, five sessions were offered within the first year, totaling nearly two hundred attendees. The survey data show that 1) most attendees were staff (i.e., the target audience); 2) the audience's editing experience varies across a broad spectrum (none more than 10 years); 3) the workshop made the audience feel confident in their ability to edit proposals; and 4) the majority of the audience would like to attend an advanced proposal editing workshop, which may be the next step.