Hepatic and Cardiac Weight Adjustments of Young Female Chicks Subject to Estrone and Hypergravity

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Rhode Island Red female chicks, 2 weeks post hatching, were maintained for 2 weeks at either earth gravity or 2 g hypergravity. Control animals were injected with 0.2 ml saline and estrone treated groups with 0.2 mg or 0.4 mg of estrone daily. Animals were sacrificed following the last injection on day 15 and their livers and hearts were removed immediately, dissected free of connective tissue, weighed and frozen. Exposure to the effects of the 2 g hypergravity for 2 weeks resulted in decreased total body weight regardless of whether the animal was supplemented with or lacked hormonal treatment. Estrone at 0.2 or 0.4 mg had little effect on the noncentrifuged bird's weight. Liver weight was increased with estrone treatment in the normogravity animals but not in animals exposed to 2 g, except when treated with 0.4 mg estrone. Heart weight was unaffected by the experimental procedures used.


Author Institution: Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v77, n3 (May, 1977), 136-140