Reduction of Startup Emissions for an Alternative Fueled Engine

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The Ohio State University

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The reduction of emission gasses being released into the atmosphere remains an important research area in the automotive industry. In hybrid vehicle applications such as EcoCAR, engine stop/start can saturate the oxygen storage capacity of the exhaust catalytic converter. A saturated catalyst cannot effectively reduce NOx emissions during engine stop/start and can lead to spikes in the amount of emissions being passed through the exhaust to the atmosphere. These emission spikes have the potential to be lowered considerably by using proper catalyst oxygen storage conditioning methods. The purpose of this research was to develop engine control software that will effectively condition the catalyst during stop/start events and reduce the emissions bypassing the catalyst. The developed software involves using fuel enrichment during engine stop/start and was validated on the EcoCAR E-85 engine in a dynamometer test cell. The logic resulted in a desired catalyst response during stop/start that indicated emissions bypass was being avoided.



Emissions, Hybrid, Engine