Partnership to Develop Agroecology and Extension Programs in Senegal

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The objective of the project is to implement state-of-the-art agricultural education and extension programs at the University of Gaston Berger (UGB), focused on enhancing sustainable agriculture in the fragile Sahelien agroecosystems of Africa. The project has established Associate and BS degree programs, and updated laboratories. Another main objective is to establish the land grant model at UGB, incorporating extension and research into the traditional teaching role of the university. This project is an innovative way to export the land grant model to Sub-Saharan Africa and to support sustainable agriculture.


IMPACT. 1: Thirteen UGB faculty in the new Department of Agricultural Sciences, Aquaculture, and Food Technology are being mentored by CFAES OSU faculty in teaching, research and extension. The first group of 94 associate and BS students have been trained and will graduate in July 2013. Two Ph.D. students are being trained at OSU in agricultural engineering and weed science. The project has implemented a pilot UGB extension program with 144 farmers on newly irrigated land in northern Senegal. Eleven farmers are participating in an on-farm research program. Farmers are requesting that vegetable transplanters, which OSU introduced to Senegal, be imported to Senegal.
OSU PARTNERS: School of Environment and Natural Resources; Office of International Programs in Agriculture; Department of Horticulture and Crop Science; Department of Food, Agriculture, and Biological Engineering; College of Public Health; Food Science and Technology; Department of Animal Sciences; Agricultural and Extension Education; OSU Extension; College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: The University of Gaston Berger; Green Senegal



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