Official Proceedings of the One Thousand Four Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Columbus, Ohio, September 22, 2006

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This item is the meeting minutes of the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University held on September 22, 2006 at the Ohio State University Longaberger Alumni House, Columbus, Ohio. Judge Duncan introduced Alan Brass, Jack Fisher, and Teckie Shackelford and asked the Board's action on the following resolutions: Establishment and Appointment of Presidential Search Committee and Amendments to Committee Appointments for 2006-2007. Karen A. Holbrook gave the President's Report and Erica Johnson was presented the Student Recognition Award. The committee reports were then discussed. The consent agenda included the following resolutions: Appointments to the Richard M. Ross Hospital Board, Approval of Non-Academic "Center" Status, Renaming the Center for Information Technologies, Personnel Actions, Resolutions in Memoriam, Report on University Development, Waivers of Competitive Bidding Requirements, Approval to Enter into Feasibility Study Design and Construction Contracts, Long-term Lease of Real Property, Assessment on the Endowment to Support Development, Fiscal Year 2007 Total University Current Funds Budget, Report of Research Contracts and Grants, Easement Renewals (for Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc., Ohio Bell Telephone Company, Columbus Southern Power Company and Various Locations, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio), and Appointment and Reappointment of Investment Managers. Provost Barbara R. Synder gave a presentation entitled Time and Change: The Year's Key Academic Priorities. The appendices included statements, maps, tables, presentations, and budgets that were not included in the minutes.