THE N$_2$ C$^{\prime\prime}$ $^{5}\Pi_{{ui}}$\ ($v$=3) STATE: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SPIN-ORBIT CHICANERY

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The N$_2$ C$^{\prime\prime}$ $^{5}\Pi_{{ui}}$\ ($v$=3) state has been fully characterized by observation and rotational analysis of the N$_2$ C$^{\prime\prime}$ $^{5}\Pi_{{ui}}$--A$^{\prime}$ $^{5}\Sigma_g^+$\ (3-1) band. The spin-splittings in the C$^{\prime\prime}$ $^{5}\Pi_{{ui}}$\ state are observed}, 081102 (2006).} (see previous presentation) and are found to be consistent with semi-empirical predictions of diagonal and isoconfigurational off-diagonal spin-orbit coupling constants.}, 081103 (2006).} A short tutorial on prediction of spin-orbit matrix elements will be presented, drawing heavily on material presented in "The Spectra and Dynamics of Diatomic Molecules" by H. Lefebvre-Brion and RWF.


Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, MIT, Cambridge MA 02139; Department of Physics and Centre for Laser, Atomic, and Molecular Sciences, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada