Starling Loving Hall

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Starling Loving Hall is located at 320 W. 10th Avenue. This structure was officially named Starling Loving Hall by the Board of Trustees on July 14, 1961. Starling Loving Hall is also known as the Homeopathic Hospital Building, the Lynne [sic] Starling Hospital, the Starling Loving University Hospital, the General Hospital, the University Hospital, the Starling Loving Hospital, the Lyne Starling University, the Hospital, the Lynn Starling Hospital, the Optometry Clinic, the Computer Center, the College of Medicine, the Clinic, the Hospital, the OSU Clinic, the Out-Patient Clinic, the Starling Loving Annex, and the Starling Hospital.


Entry created by John H. Herrick on March 15, 1977.
John H. Herrick Archives: Documenting Structures at The Ohio State University
The University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.