The Role of Protein Kinase C β (PKCβ) in Breast Cancer

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Although the tumor promoting PKC gene was discovered in the 1980s, the exact effects of its isoforms are still not completely understood. PKCβ in particular has been implicated as having an important role in a multitude of diseases, including cancer, through both cell autonomous and cell non-autonomous mechanisms. Interestingly, PKCβ is thought to be important in blood vessel formation and inflammation, integral aspects of tumor progression. As such, it is critical that the exact function of PKCβ in cancerous tissue be understood. By focusing on the role of PKCβ in the tumor, our project helps to establish more conclusively how PKCβ contributes to breast tumor progression, both in the tumor cells and cells of the surrounding tumor microenvironment, and may potentially lead to the development of more effective therapeutics for treatment of various cancer types, including breast cancer.


Pelotonia Undergraduate Fellowship Project


PKC beta Breast Cancer Genetics