¿Qué Pasa, OSU? (Winter 2011)

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Ohio State University

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Issue includes: "A Season for Accomplishment" by Michael J. Alarid; "On the Rise Jesus Lara Takes Passion to New Heights" by Cyndi Freeman; "Breaking Ground First Graduate Student Completes GIS in Latino Studies" by Theresa Rojas; "Life Lessons Barbara Dillard Radous on Persevering" by Francisco-Xavier Gómez-Bellengé; "Actualizing Classroom Theory the Nicaragua Service-Learning Experience" by Katherine Borland; "The Winter Blues? Recognizing Seasonal Affective Disorder" by Sean P. DeWinter; "Your Next Step Maximizing the Potential of Your College Career" by Cyndi Freeman; "Off-Campus Living Resources to Help Your Transition" by Willie J. Young; "Moving to the Workforce Career Advice in This Changing Economy" by Ana C. Berríos-Allison; "Guns in the Church Memories of Resistance to Regime Change and Reformation" by Michael J. Alarid; "Cosmo Faber Mario Vargas Llosa Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature" by Frederick Luis Aldama; "The Buckeye Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree Ohio State Alumnus Carlos Castro Joins Engineering Faculty" by Mauricio Espinoza; "What Latinas Need to Know a Guide for Latinas in Higher Education" by Lilia Fernández and "Chile Verde Café Adventures in Eating" by Michael J. Alarid.




¿Qué Pasa, OSU?, vol. 18, no. 2 (Winter 2011)